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Curvy Escorts

It seems that nowadays the hourglass figure is the must have body type all over again. It has historically been the most sought after body type and with the more curvaceous woman being fashionable all over again it is no surprise that our curvy Paris escorts are so popular. There are several interpretations of what a curvy escort can look like. It can range from a full figure that reflects the hourglass figure perfectly to a fuller plus size model that offers a cleavage to die for and falls more in to the category of BBW. Whatever type of curvy escort you are looking for here at Courtisane we are looking to fulfill your desires and meet all of your needs.

Curvy Paris Escorts

Curvy escorts are very much a specific request of clients. It is not something that you stumble upon and decide to try but more of a deep rooted desire that stays with you in all walks of life. We have some incredible models in all of our categories but our curvy escorts offer that special something that just cannot be satisfied by just any escort. It is something that they enjoy and offer to those specific clients that understand what it is to be with a curvy model for the evening.

Curvy Escorts

If you are one of those discerning gentlemen that prefers the company of a curvy woman then why not choose your favourite from our gallery and call us now! We cannot wait for you to meet our curvy Paris escorts, we are sure that you will want to book again and again. It is something truly special when you meet an escort that you feel you have a real connection with and our escorts in this category have all the personality and charm to be exactly that woman for you.

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