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5 Ways To Recognize That You’re Booking Only The Best VIP Escorts That Paris Has To Offer

If you’ve found your way to Courtisane Escort Agency, will no doubt be discerning, interested in only the best escorts that Paris has to offer.  But how do you recognize the best? Like many of our valued clients who only choose Courtisane as their first and only choice for repeat elite VIP escort bookings, let […]

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Why Courtisane is The Best Paris Escort Agency

Welcome to Courtisane Escort Agency, Paris’s premium first class escort service.  If you have been searching for the very best escort companions that Paris has to offer, then rest assured your search is over. Our professionalism and exceptional customer service coupled with the outstanding beauty and a diverse range of model escorts means that Courtisane […]

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Your Favourite escort agency

Your Favourite escort agency, Courtisane, is a top world class escort office working in focal Paris offering the absolute most excellent Paris escorts around. Our Paris escorts are the absolute most shocking ladies you will discover on the planet with some having gone from fascinating destinations just to meet up in Paris and be an […]

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Important Facts About Paris Escort Services

The Modern societies have distinctive and clear opinions on Paris escort services in the recent times. Most of the beliefs and taboos related to escorts in Paris services have gradually faded out from most societies, this indeed is an excellent sign. Paris escorts are some of the best attraction sources for person’s different regions from […]

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How to Select Sexy Paris Escort

Sexy Paris escort is as easy to get as dialing 123. There is no particular qualification required except age for the provision of their services. The sexy escorts are wonderful and charming women with confident personalities. Therefore, clients can be sure that they are investing on the best quality time with the beauties.  What are […]

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A Night Out on Sloane Square

Many Paris escorts, myself included, agree that Sloane Square is one of the best destinations in the capital. So when I got a call from George, one of my favourite clients, I was really pleased to hear that he wanted me to take him on a night out in the area. He was planning to […]

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A Paris After Show Party to Remember

Working as a Paris escort means that I get to experience so much of the capital’s amazing culture. So when I was asked to accompany a client to not only the opening night of a West End show, but the after party too… well, what do you think I said? Yes, of course! I love […]

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Park Lane Escorts

Park Lane Escorts Loftiness along with ideality are basically astounding elements of a high-class society. Park Lane Escorts are a striking sample of haut models in Paris presenting tastefulness and style, regular excellence and great behaviour to the world. Being a standout amongst the most prominent and praised escorts’ agency, Park Lane Escorts acquires elegant […]

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Why not treat your Escort to a little something extra

While most clients wouldn’t choose to take a present for an escort, especially not on a first meeting, if you’re a regular client, then sometimes it may be appropriate, not to mention a very nice gesture, to give your escort a gift. So if you’re thinking it’s about time you bought a gift for your […]

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Entertaining the finer things in life

When it comes to entertainment, there’s nothing finer than enjoying the company of an elegant, experienced and vibrant mature woman. Here at Courtisane we understand the appeal a mature woman holds to the more discerning gentleman and can cater the experience accordingly. Offering the highest class of female companions, our ladies are just as comfortable […]

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Confidentiality in Escorting

Confidentiality is a subject which is always on our minds. The website Ashley Madison was broken into by hackers recently, and all of its database of 37 million email addresses was put up online. Naturally, the media took advantage of this to start trawling for famous names, but lots of private citizens have also been […]

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Professional Escort Etiquette

When our agency books a suitable escort to accompany you to your special event or occasion, we don’t just pluck out any old number or the next girl waiting in line for you. We know that selection, presentation, and professionalism are the key to our agency’s success, our escorts’ success and to our clients’ success. […]

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Where to take your UK escort in Paris

Explore the surroundings of Paris with a beautiful UK escort Sometimes a UK escort is required for a pre-organised function, where the venue is already planned but all you need is the girl, while at other times you may just fancy the company of a beautiful and intelligent woman. No idea where to take her for that […]

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Summer With High End Paris Escorts

Summer is on it’s way and though the weather is intermittent at best at the moment, all the events carry on as normal. There is no better place to enjoy summer than in Paris. It may not be a beach side resort but this incredible city offers some incredible events across the coming months and […]

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What Makes The Best Paris Escorts?

Here at Courtisane we like to think that our escorts have that special “Wow” factor that makes them stand out from the rest. We work very hard to ensure that we only work with the best escorts in Paris and through this dedication we try to offer our clients an experience unlike any other. We […]

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Booking Escorts This Spring in Paris

Paris is a city that very rarely stands still. There is always something to do or a place to go any night of the week. It seems as though it makes little difference whether it is a weekend or a week day, there is always life in the city. The winter months do not so […]

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How To Book An Escort

If you are booking an escort for the first time, or even trying a new agency, it can be a bit a of a nerve racking experience. For those that are not as outgoing it can seem like an impossible task to ring an agency and book an evening with a one of the beautiful […]

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Interview with the escort

Interview with the escort – What are the biggest misconceptions about this industry? Although there are elements of truth to most myths, this world can be a revelation to many who join. Firstly, you’re highly likely to be in the company of a gentleman – if the booking is organised through a high class escort […]

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High End Female Escorts

When you are in Paris and looking for some female companionship there a so many factors to take in to consideration. From the type of escort that you desire to the area in which you wish to have your meeting. You could have a dinner date, an overnight experience or just an hour relaxing in […]

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Incredible Bayswater Escorts

Bayswater is one of the busiest areas in the centre of Paris. It is very cosmopolitan and there is always a buzz surrounding the streets and various venues that adorn the roadside and high streets. There are cuisines from all around the world available in this section of Paris and if you are looking for […]

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Fulham Escorts

Fulham is an area on the Western side of Paris. The name may be familiar to many even though they have never been or seen this district because of the football team that plays in the area and uses the same name. The proximity of this region to the affluent areas of Chelsea and other West […]

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Earls Court Escorts

Earls Court is an area of Paris that up until 25 years ago was known for low rent and it’s incredible urban atmosphere. As the centre of Paris began to grow and the prices rocket this meant that the affluent areas began to reach Earl’s Court and as such the prices of housing in the […]

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Paddington Escorts Of Courtisane

Paddington is an area of Paris that falls in the City of Westminster in the central boroughs of the capital. It is a very metropolitan part of Paris that is undergoing major redevelopment of it’s rail and canal land, as well as featuring on of the countries major rail stations, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel […]

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Enjoy The City With Marylebone Escorts

Marylebone is a high end area of Paris that falls within zone 1. The major roads the intersect the area are known for their classy establishments such as bars, restaurants and boutiques and the smaller streets of full of residents that go for no small price tag. Some of the most luxurious houses in the […]

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The Finest of Kensington Escorts

Kensington is one of those high class areas in Paris that attracts the very best clients from around the world. It is know as one of the more affluent areas of the city and as such plays host to many of the more refined hotels that you could hope to stay in on your visit […]

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Luxury Chelsea Escorts

Chelsea Escorts When you walk along the Thames in affluent areas of Paris you will eventually find yourself in the beautiful borough of Chelsea. This district is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and offers some of the upmarket shops that you will find in all of the city. Once known for […]

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Singapore Escorts from Courtisane

If you are looking for some of the finest Singapore escorts then why not see what we can offer you at Courtisane escorts. Whether you would like a model to travel with you or a looking to meet an elite escort already in the city then our friendly reception staff can help you to make […]

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Sensual Knightsbridge Escorts

With easy access to Hyde Park and home to Harrods, possibly the finest department store in the world, it is fair to say that Knightsbridge is one of the most sought after areas in Paris. Our Knightsbridge escorts are no exception to the high standards set by the residents of this affluent area, with some […]

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The Summer With One Of Our Miami Escorts

Miami is one of the most popular Holiday destinations in the United States, with bright white beaches, amazing women and plenty to do, it isn’t hard to see why. Our Miami escorts are no exception to the beautiful women associated with the south-eastern city, whether it’s blonde girls or brunette you like, petite or busty […]

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Hong Kong Escorts

The Chinese city of Hong Kong is known for it’s breathtaking skyline and areas of natural beauty, such as the Hong Kong natural harbour and Victoria Peak as well as the gorgeous Hong Kong escorts. It is more than just the city and land that is known for it’s outstanding beauty, The girls from Hong […]

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Meet Our Canary Wharf Escorts

Canary Wharf is an area of Paris that is synonymous with business and more specifically the financial trade of the world. It is in the Tower hamlets region of the city and home to some of the biggest corporations that the capital plays host to. The skyline of Canary Wharf is one of the most […]

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Find A Sexy Escort in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most historical cities in Europe. It lies as the gateway between Asia, The Middle East and Europe and has been the capital of many an empire in the world. All of this means that there are a plethora of places to visit and see when you are in the city […]

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Have You Seen Our Zurich Escorts?

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It is a hub of transport links that connect the country with the busiest railway station and airport in the country. With so many people passing through the city it is easy to see why Zurich is the central a central point for many businesses and an ideal […]

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Vienna Escorts

Vienna is one of the most historical cities in Europe. It was central to the Prussian Empire and is the capital of modern day Austria. It is the largest city in the country as well as the capital and is home to some of the most beautiful Vienna escorts you will ever meet. the city […]

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Berlin Escorts

Berlin is the capital of Germany and home to some of the most incredible Berlin escorts. The ones of these companions that work with us at Courtisane are some of the best escorts you will find in the world and we are proud to say that we offer our high class service to the gentlemen […]

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Enjoy Frankfurt Escorts The Courtisane Way.

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany but it is known for being one of the world’s largest financial centres. In Europe it is the largest and has businesses from all over the globe based in within it’s confines. The fact that there are so many businesses and business people in Frankfurt means that […]

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New York Escorts In The City That Never Sleeps

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, not to be confused with the state of the same name. It is one of the most powerful and recognisable cities on the globe and tourist destination for millions every year. It is the iconic reputation and all round enormity of the city that […]

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اجمل بنات عربيات في لندن

تعرف على اجمل بنات عربيات في لندن للاستماع في اجمل المشاوير و الاماكن  عيش الحلم و المتعة مع فراشات لندن، باقه من اجمل بنات العربيات في لندن. استمتع في المطاعم و المنتزهات و الكافيات او في الغرفة الفندقية المريحة و اذا رغبة في زيارت احد الفتايات في منزلها المميز فيمكنكم فعل ذالك ايضاً، نخصكم بالسرية […]

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Courtisane Geneva Escorts

Geneva is a destination in Switzerland that is popular for both business trips and leisure holidays. This means that our Geneva escorts are always in the best company and in the high end bars of the city you will find a great mix of locals, business men and tourists all year round. Switzerland is known […]

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Pусские красавицы девушки

Попадая в другую страну мы мы стремимся провести время в компании хорошо знакомых нам pусские красавицы девушки . Модельная внешность, мягкий характер, все это нас манит сблизиться с ними. Не исключение и Лондон, здесь можно встретить множество русских красавиц модельного типа, в компании которых не придется скучать.  Но что мы знаем о России и происхождении русских […]

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Ibiza Escorts

Courtisane has beautiful women available all over the world and our Ibiza escorts are the perfect compliment to one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Europe. The Summer months see a massive increase in the amount of people that both call the island home and visit on holiday so why not book yourself […]

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Escorts in Abu Dhabi

Courtisane is expanding and offering escorts to many different cities all over the globe. Our Abu Dhabi escorts offer an elite option in the city and will create a sensual experience for all of the clients in the local area. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and has then second highest […]

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Doha Escorts

Doha is very quickly becoming one of the middles East’s most powerful economical cities. The growth in the city has moved to massive proportions in recent years and real estate has surpassed that of Doha’s luxury neighbour Dubai. Both of these cities have taken the initiative to move away from relying on the oil trade […]

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Tantric Massage From Courtisane Paris

Tantric Massage is one of the perfect ways to relax and forget about the stress that occurs in every day life. You can enjoy the sensual caress of a beautiful woman as you unwind and forget about your day to day problems. At Courtisane we can offer you one of the most attractive, intimate masseuses […]

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Cannes Escorts

Cannes is a beautiful coastal city in the South of France within the French Riviera. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and is famed for the annual film festival that takes place in May every year. Aside from this, it posses everything required to a perfect tourist hotspot, beautiful weather, […]

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Find an Escort in Madrid

Our Madrid escorts are the most beautiful and attractive in the capital of Spain. Enjoy the surroundings with an amazing woman at your side. We guarantee you will never have seen the city like this before. Madrid is the capital city of Spain and as the Monarch and main government buildings are all housed within […]

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Have you Seen Our Barcelona Escorts?

If you are in Barcelona and in need of an escort then look no further than Courtisane. We are a high class agency that offers nothing but the very best Barcelona escorts. If you do not believe us then why not browse through our gallery and see just how beautiful our girls really are. Barcelona […]

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Dubai Escorts in the Lap of Luxury.

When you travel to Arabian countries it might all seem strange or different than what many in the western world are used to. The customs are different and the way of life moves at a different pace. Dubai is a city that has evolved in recent years but still holds onto it’s religious morals very […]

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Courtisane’s Paris Escorts In The City Of Love

Our aim at Courtisane is to be able to offer our clients an incredible experience wherever they are in the world. Where better to have some of the best escorts you will ever meet than in the city of Love itself, Paris. Our Paris escorts are amongst the most elegant and refined in the city. […]

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Petite Paris Escorts

Petite escorts are very desirable for many gentleman. They are a particular type of escort that seem to appeal to all kinds of clients. Whether you are looking for a blonde, brunette or redhead companion you can find the best petite Paris escorts here at Courtisane. As with all of our escorts these models are […]

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Courtisane’s Monaco Escorts

When you travel abroad why not take a beautiful model with you. Our Monaco Escorts are some of the most vibrant and undeniably elegant you will have ever had the pleasure to date. They are great company to explore the local surroundings and in a millionaires playground what better way to spend your holiday or […]

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International Escort Agency

When you book an escort in Paris you are probably very familiar with the agencies and the standards to expect from each of them. If you have booked with Courtisane before you will understand that our attention to detail and standards are what set us apart from so many other agencies. What if you wanted […]

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How to approach a Paris Escort Agency

Knowing what to expect when you approach a Paris Escort Agency may discourage you from actually trying out their services, however we are here to assure you that you will be treated like a V.I.P. Here at Courtisane, we value our clients over anything else and so want them to have the very best time […]

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Busty Paris Escorts

Being such a high class agency, Courtisane understand the needs of a client, whatever it is no request is too small or big and when addressing us. Our luxurious variety of elegantly unique busty Paris escorts will have you breathless, just at the thought of the opportunities that could arise when you book with us. […]

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Are Marylebone Escorts For Me?

If you’re keen to try out the services of a Paris Escort Agency, where do you start? After all, Paris is a huge place and so knowing which agency to join can be a difficult decision. If you’re a gentleman with exquisite taste, Marylebone Escorts are definitely something you should be learning more about. Marylebone […]

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The best International Escorts in Paris

When companies say they have the best international escorts it’s hard to believe. Whether it’s a product or a person companies promoting, they’re paid to play on the hype and make you think you need what they’re offering. It’s the agencies that sit back, knowing they have the goods to match their promises that are […]

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Reasons To Book The best Paris Escorts

The best Paris Escorts Are Your Dream Women The best Paris Escort embodies emotions, passions, fantasies and dreams. For this reason, she is your perfect woman. She is always beautiful and intellectual; a great balance between brains and beauty. She can hold her own in any social situation, which suits you and whatever kind of […]

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How Do I Treat VIP Escort In Paris?

If you have idea of calling a VIP Escort in Paris or have previously had the experience of spending time with a beautiful Escort, you may be unsure of how to go about treating them. After all, this is a business transaction so do the same rules apply as if you’re dating any other woman? […]

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Paris Model Escorts: The Ultimate Luxury

Are you looking to treat yourself this summer? Perhaps you’re wanting to reward yourself for all of that hard work and those extra hours you’ve been putting in at the office? There is no better way than enjoying the luxury of a Paris model Escorts, chosen from one of the best Escort Agencies in the […]

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Can I Afford Escorts In Paris?

Escorts in Paris aren’t something for every gentleman. You have to possess certain qualities to be able to afford the services of an Escort Agency, therefore you should think very carefully before signing up to become a member of Courtisane. Whilst we want a diverse range of client, there are certain red flags that crop […]

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What Kind Of Men Use Elite Escorts In Paris?

You may be put off using an Escort service of an elite escorts in Paris because you think you’re not the right type of client they accept or that usually seeks out experiences with their models. However we are here to tell you that gentlemen who use elite escorts in Paris come from all walks […]

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Where To Find High Class Escorts In Paris

High class Escorts in Paris are a rare thing to come by because they form part of a luxurious acquired taste. Before trying out the services of an Escort or her agency, many people have preconceived ideas about what this entails. However, once our clients open up their minds, they experience the very best night […]

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Paris Tour Guide: West Paris Escorts

Are you a visitor to Paris? Or perhaps you happen to live in the capital and haven’t had much of a chance to explore the delights of the city. Whatever your reason for being in Paris, it’s important that you have a tour guide to help you sample the very best of the city’s charm. […]

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Courtisane’s Exclusive Escorts

When seeking out the services of one of Paris’s best Escort services, it’s only natural to want the very best and exclusive selection of models available. Here at Courtisane we recognise this requirement of our gentlemen clients and so ensure that the gallery of Escorts we display on our website is a fine selection of […]

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Outcall Park Lane Escorts

Seeking out Escorts can be a tricky thing in itself, without having to travel across Paris to meet the model of your choice. That’s where outcall Park Lane Escorts can help you, as these beautiful women are all willing to come out to meet you, wherever you are in the UK. What’s better, if you’re […]

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Where To Find Escorts: Escorts In Milano

Are you looking for a professional companion? Do you have a business trip booked to Milano in the coming weeks? If so, it can be difficult to know where to look or how to go about making the change from a UK Escort service to an Italian one. However it’s important to remember that everything […]

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South Kensington escorts

At Courtisane Elite escort agency our clients tend to be driven by the quality of the lady herself rather than how easy it is to get to her location, which is why we do not tend to have location galleries as other agencies might have. Whilst we do have ladies in various parts of the […]

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Central Paris escorts

Whilst there is no actual geographical boundaries for Central Paris it is taken to be the areas that are within the zone 1 of the underground system. In this instance it does cover a great many different locations although most of our ladies are located in this area for incalls if this is your preference. […]

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Kensington Escorts: Advice For First Timers

When seeking out the service of a Kensington Escort for the first time, you may experience a great deal of emotions. From excitement to nervousness, it’s all completely natural and we promise you that every person feels like that. With our great deal of experience and vast array of clients, we want to assure you […]

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The Do’s And Dont’s Of Using Women Escorts

People can often forget that when using an Escort Service, the models are human beings and have needs too. Just with social situations, using an Escort has an etiquette which you are expected to take heed of. Firstly, it is paramount that you wash. This may sound silly, however washing is extremely important and something […]

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Paris escorts for couples

Paris escorts for couples is something very different to duo escort appointments. Duos are more geared towards single guys who would like to enjoy the pleasures of the attention of two stunning women with themselves being the main focus of attention. With couples appointments it tends to be the female partner of the couple who […]

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Duo Paris escorts

If you are not familiar with the terminology for Duo Paris escorts this simply means when two escort companions are booked to spend time with you together thereby creating the fabulous threesome that so many gentlemen desire. A Threesome  is not something reserved for the rich and famous anymore, countless times we have seen salacious […]

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Why Courtisane Have The Very Best Girl Escorts In Paris

What do you want from a girl Escort? Refined and beautiful women? Intelligent conversation? Exclusivity? Companionship? Privacy? Here at Courtisane, we give every single one of our members all of that and more. Our gallery is filled with naturally beautiful women, who are from all over the globe. The vast array of nationalities enables Courtisane […]

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High-End Escorts In Paris

What exactly are high-end escorts? That’s the question on many gentlemen’s minds. Here at Courtisane, we boast a vast array of high-end Escorts in Paris because we understand our client’s needs. Other agencies may use the moniker of Elite or VIP companions, however we feel that sometimes these titles are overused and to some extend […]

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Where To Find Escorts In Paris?

You may be certain that you would like try out an Escort service, or you may be toying with the idea, however knowing where to seek out your pleasures can be quite difficult if you aren’t sure where to begin. This can be especially difficult if you are in a strange town or even country […]

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Why Should I Use An Escort Service?

Many people have heard of the term ‘Escort Service’ but rarely do they fully understand what this embodies. It is a common feeling to have, to be curious about the perks of using an Escort Service yet for many it can be quite a taboo subject. That is where Courtisane comes in, as we want […]

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The Exclusivity Of Mayfair Escorts

With rents among the highest in the world and countless exclusive shopping retailers, Mayfair really is the place where the rich and famous gather. Now Courtisane are bringing you even more luxury to add to this fantastic area, in the form of Mayfair Escorts. Embodying what Mayfair stands for, these Escorts are luxurious, elegant and […]

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Hotel escorts in Paris

Escorts in Paris for hotels are often referred to as outcall escorts. This simply means that the escort companion of your choice will visit you in your hotel in Paris for intimate and private fun rather than you having to travel anywhere yourself. If you book a hotel escort companion with any of the ladies […]

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An unrivalled elite escort service

Elite Paris escorts are perfect companions should you desire the company of an elegant and eloquent female for dinner. Our stunning ladies are perfect for such occasions and are often requested by our clients.  At Courtisane agency we offer an unrivalled escort service to all our clients and as such we aim to ensure that […]

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Misconceptions Of Paris Escort Agencies

Hidden under the vast umbrella of Paris lies what go by the name of Escort Agencies. Whilst many of you may have your own connotations attached to the word ‘escort’, very rarely do people understand the true nature of the business and the people it employs. With a whole host of television series and books […]

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Female Escorts in Paris

Female Escorts in Paris has become a thriving industry throughout the years, even dating back to the middle ages. If prostitution is the oldest profession in the world then possibly the brothel must be the oldest public institution and many of these exist today, the home to female Escorts in Paris. The UK Government’s plan […]

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Elite Paris escort agency

After browsing our Elite Paris escort agency website even for just a few moments you will soon realise that Courtisane is unlike many other Paris escort agencies. The differences are immediately apparent when you begin to browse our gallery and see that many of the girls we promote are exclusive to us. Some of these […]

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Enjoy the best ‘night in’ of your life

Having a night in brings up connotations of a sad single meal for one and re-runs of old tv shows however at Courtisane VIP Paris escort agency we know that when our ladies join you for a night in, you will be enjoying an altogether different form of entertainment and one that will keep you […]

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The Best Escorts in Paris

The City of Paris has a strong history and heritage and is home to the best escorts in Paris. The small hills on the North side of the Thames that make up most of the Square Mile have been a prime location for trade since before Roman times and it is a continuous connection with […]

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VIP escorts in Marylebone

One could say that Marylebone was Paris’s first major city as all the firsts seem to have happened here. The very first bus journey started here, the first Farmers market opened here and also Paris’s first ‘village’ community sprang up here too. Marylebone offers a unique and charming location for wealthy families and city workers […]

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Elite escorts in Bayswater

Close to Hyde Park and Oxford Street, Bayswater is a central area which is extremely diverse with a cosmopolitan community. Much of the local population has come from Arab countries, Greece and Brazil so there is always a buzzing exotic feel to the area. The area is elegant with lots of garden squares just like […]

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Chelsea escorts

Chelsea is another area in which our portfolio of VIP Paris escorts is very strong. When we call an escort a Chelsea escorts we are simply referring to the fact that she is able to offer incalls in this particular area. This is usually because this is where she lives and is happy to entertain […]

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Kensington escorts at Courtisane

Kensington is an affluent area of central Paris within the Royal  Paris Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is home to some of the most exclusive department stores in the city including House of Frazer and Pontings as well as having all the usual high street stores and many independent boutiques. If you enjoy shopping, […]

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Dinner date escorts at Courtisane

Courtisane Paris escort agency is a high class establishment which offers an exclusive service to our highly valued clients. As such, we aim to provide a variety of different options to ensure that our gentlemen clients are able to spend time with the elite lady of their choice engaging in the past times that they […]

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Elite escorts for social events

On any given month in the year there are at least a dozen or so awards events taking place. These are for a variety of things from business recognition to celebrity and charity events. We understand that as our clients are successful in their own field, at some point, they will be invited to such […]

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Central Paris escorts

Although not a geographical area in its own right, if a place is referred to as being in Central Paris it is because it is within the most built up part of the city. This is not always the most densely populated area as a great deal of Central Paris is not residential but rather […]

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Knightsbridge escorts

Knightsbridge is well known for being one of the most expensive areas in Paris to live. Properties here reach well into the millions and one would need to be extremely successful or have a wealthy family in order to live here. Whilst many of the beautiful Victorian houses are out of reach for most people, […]

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Blonde escorts in Paris

The City of Paris is constantly bursting with life and always the location or various  events and forms of entertainment which cover all areas of charity, business, promotions and celebrity. Our Elite Paris escort agency provides the ideal female companions to those who attend these events in order that their own profile is enhanced.  We […]

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Paris escorts

A quick search on the internet will reveal that there are literally thousands of female companions you can spend time with whilst you are in Paris. The choice is very extensive from independent escorts to agencies with portfolios of amazing young ladies (and mature ones) and also directories where you can choose from multiple providers […]

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Naughty Paris escorts

Whilst we have a high quality portfolio of sophisticated and elegant high class escorts in Paris, our companions can be extremely naughty! Unsurprisingly naughty Paris escorts are highly sought after and we are proud to say that our ladies certainly like to fire the imagination with their unique ideas on how to have fun. A […]

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Exclusive Paris escorts at Courtisane

Courtisane Paris escort agency are very different from many of the other escort agencies in Paris in that we offer a specialised service to gentlemen who desire the company of a truly elite and high class companion. Many of our Exclusive Paris escorts are exclusive to us and cannot be booked elsewhere. We prefer to […]

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High class escorts Paris

Making time to relax with our Elite escorts in Paris is a great way to spend your leisure or business time. If you are searching for high class escorts Paris then the team at Courtisane agency are here to help you. We are always updating our high class Paris escorts so visit our Gallery to […]

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VIP escorts Paris

VIP escorts Paris from Courtisane serving Central Paris and providing high class escorts. Are you tired of fake photos and difficulty selecting high class escorts? Then give our agency for VIP escorts Paris a call between 12pm and 3am, we are open seven days a week and ready to take your call. VIP escorts Paris […]

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Elite escort agency

The true definition of elite as far as we are concerned at Courtisane elite escort agency is to be able to offer something far in excess of other agencies that are similar to ours. This may be the fact that our girls are excusive to us and are not able to be booked elsewhere or […]

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High class escorts for incall and outcall

High class escorts for incall and outcall. What does it mean? For those who do not have a firm grasp of the terminology associated with making a date with an escort, incalls and outcalls are the names used to state whether the escort visits the client or whether the client visits the escort. An incall […]

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Paris escort agency

A Paris escort agency can provide a wide range of escorts in Paris for you to take your time and choose which lady is most suited to you and your needs.. If you are considering booking an escort in the capital then a central Paris escort agency can be an ideal choice to provide the best […]

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VIP Paris escort agency

Courtisane is a VIP Paris escort agency with stunning female companions ready to meet you right now. The agency always has a wide variety of beauties of all types that you can book for various types of dates in the Capital. You may decide that you would like to enjoy the company of a wonderfully […]

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High class escorts

At Courtisane escort agency we have a wonderful gallery full of what we consider to be high class escorts. All our ladies are far and above in a different league to most and our agency prides itself on being able to provide the ultimate service to all our clients. New ladies join our high class […]

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Escorts in Paris

If you want to book an escorts in Paris why not make a date with one of the high class beauties from Courtisane agency, the VIP Agency for all areas of the Capital. A date with one of these stunning young ladies is a great way to add some fun to your day or evening, […]

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Elite escorts in Paris

Courtisane Mayfair Escorts are considered to be elite escorts in Paris. As a VIP Paris Escort Agency, Courtisane use only high class and stunning ladies who can be with you within 20 minutes – anywhere in Central Paris. Our Paris model companions provide companionship services for all types of events and engagement and they are […]

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