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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms set out by our agency when you agree to book an escort from us. When we accept the transaction you are agreeing to abide by all of our terms and herein acknowledging understanding of the terms defined below.

This an adult related site registered in the UK where the age of consent is 18. If the age differs in your country the rules may differ. If you are not above the official age of consent in your respective region or country then please leave this website immediately.

We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to these terms at any time and you should refer to them each and every time you book as they may have been rewritten since your last booking. At Courtisane we will terminate any booking or enquiry if we feel that ours terms have been broken or that the safety of any of our staff is compromised.

When you book an escort with Courtisane you are paying for companionship and not any sexual, immoral or illegal activities. The role of the agency is the promotion and organisation of appointments for models that we work with. The money we receive is understood to be for the companionship of a model and for social interactions. Anything that transpires between a client and an escort beyond what is considered a moral service is between two consenting adults and in no way associated to our agency.

Courtisane is in no way responsible for the pictures of the models that feature on the website. These are all provided by escorts themselves upon agreeing to feature in our gallery and we claim no responsibility for them.

These terms and conditions in no way imply the sale of acts of any sexual nature.

When you book an escort from Courtisane you agree to the following terms:

you are over 18.

you will treat every escort with respect and in a decent manner.

we are not responsible for any incidents that may occur on your booking.

If any of our escorts feel in any way threatened during you booking they reserve the right to leave with no refund.