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Fulham Escorts

Fulham is an area of Paris in the southwest. It is a very affluent area with no shortage of high-end bars and restaurants. It’s known for having some of the nicest and most expensive town houses costing close to a million pounds. Having been through many changes over the years it is now known as green Paris with close reach to many famously extravagant places such as Chelsea and Kensington and this is reflected in the local house prices. It was included in Savills’ 2007 list of prime Paris areas to live and this means that you will be in great company if you choose to take out one of our Fulham escorts. Fulham is also host to the historical Fulham Palace former home to the bishops of Paris as well as Hurlingham Club a beautiful 42-acre area of land with an outstanding Georgian House situated in the centre. The area tries to keep some of its older buildings and make them useful with a cinema complex built into the Fulham Broadway centre.

Escorts In Fulham

If you desire to take one of are Fulham escorts out for an evening there are many high-end bars and restaurants that will work to your advantage in impressing the beautiful woman sat across the table from you. Gola (SW6 5HD) is a great example of this and a firm favourite of many locals. The restaurants unique interior design gives it a very rustic vibe that is great for any dinner date. The staff are attentive while affording you all the discretion necessary to feel completely at ease while learning a little bit more about you companion. While enjoying a sensual evening you can ensure that you are fully relaxed and at ease before heading back to your hotel or lodgings in Fulham.

At Courtisane we always strive to have the highest standards and our Fulham escorts reflect this perfectly. They are not only beautiful but also educated and able to hold a conversation. Why not call now to see who is available in Fulham tonight.

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